As one of the best tree surgeons in Derby, we often get asked to work on large scale projects that can also cross the boundaries into landscaping and driveways. Here the team are not only professional and fully qualified tree surgeons but we have a driveways and patios division that can build beautiful outdoor spaces for you to enjoy all summer long. (We as long as the UK summer lasts!)

This project is ongoing but we wanted to share where we are up to so far so decided to make a nice little blog post about it!

The project is for a customer of ours in Derby, he required the overgrown hedges, weeds and bushes to be cut back with plenty of weed killer applied and then the old driveway ripped up with the gravel laid for the foundation of the new concrete driveway.

before cutting back trees

Before cutting back the trees and the old concrete driveway

As you can see from the picture here, the old concrete driveway was cracked and the bushes and trees overgrown to one side of the property. We had to first cut back all the trees and hedges before we could begin work on ripping up the old cracked driveway.

trees removed

After trees removed to make way for new driveway

After we had removed the trees, we then set about then ripping the old driveway up on both sides and laying the foundations ready for the new concrete driveway to be installed. Below you can see the gallery of the rest of the work up to where are now. We will be posting more as the work goes on