Our team can safely grind down any tree stumps and safely remove these. Tree stumps are an eye-sore but they can also pose a risk to pets and young children alike.

Here at Herring Tree Services, our team will grind your tree stumps down and re-turf the area as required.

Removing a tree takes the right skills, equipment and experience – you can rest assured that the team here at Herring Tree Serviced have everything you need and will leave your garden or site clear and tidy – call us today to discuss your problem and get a quick, no obligation quote.


Reducing the overall crown of the tree whilst maintaining or creating the shape of the tree.


Removing branches within the crown without reducing the size or the shape of the tree. This method of pruning is used to increase light penetration and reduce wind resistance.


The removal of dead, diseased or weak branches. Epicormic shoots can also be removed.


Lower branches are removed to reduce hazards near walkways and roads, to prune back from buildings and to increase visibility for example pruning back from signs.