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Although we always work hard to conserve trees and to help them thrive, if you have a dangerous or decaying tree, we are skilled and experience at their safe removal. If you need to remove a tree in order for a building development to take place we can remove the tree and also advise you on how you could incorporate future trees into your plans. Our team have been a specialist tree removal company for over 25 years and can provide best quotes for your tree requirements. You may just need your tree pruning or cutting back.

Removing a tree takes the right skills, equipment and experience – you can rest assured that the team here at Herring Tree Services have everything you need and will leave your garden or site clear and tidy – call us today to discuss your problem and get a quick, no obligation quote.



When it comes to hiring a fully qualified tree surgeon, there are many things you need to know before you decide to take the plunge and just call out the first tree surgeon you Google. There are many tree surgeons that claim to be actual tree surgeons, but are in fact more landscape gardeners that can just cut a few branches from a tree or trim a bush.

A real qualified tree surgeon is completely different and here we’ll tell you the tell tale signs of why you need to hire a fully qualified arborist when thinking about either tree removals, tree pruning, stump grinding as well as commercial and domestic services.

As is the case with most trades that work in woodland or with nature, being an arborist is very exciting, but when you are looking for expert tree care, you need to ensure that your tree surgeon has the following credentials before you book

1 – Look at their website and ensure that they have the relevant qualifications such as Forestry, Arboriculture, or Forest Management skills. If they have this, then they will be reputable and fully professional in what they do.

2 – Look at their website and look at past work and recent projects. Here you can see in depth the type of work they have completed and to what standard they have completed their tree work. Look for how well the branches have been cut back and look out for wording that mentions all about conservation too, it’s nice to know an arborist that cares about the environment and not out to make a quick shilling.

3 – REVIEWS, REVIEWS, REVIEWS – so important. They might be qualified, but are they good at what they do and are they courteous, polite and if there are any snags, will they be responsive and return to finish these off. Customer service in any business is important, but in the stressful life of a tree surgeon, how they operate under stress is super important so a good calm nature but ability to keep customers happy is imperative in this industry.

4 – Tidiness, so important that they clear their mess up. When chopping branches, we always ensure that the branches are grinded fully down and disposed of ethically along with any other organic or non-organic waste. This is always included as part of our overall quote. 

So overall, when you are choosing a quality tree surgeon, as long as these 4 criteria have been met, then you’ll have no problems in getting the best service. So when you choose Herring Trees and Landscaping you’ll know you will be getting all of these and the experience to work in any commercial or domestic job.


  1. When you visit our website, you can just submit your details or call us / email us directly. We are always on call, even though we may be up a tree our customer support team will always handle your call.
  2. We will ask you to send over a picture of the tree or we will arrange a time to come and provide a free site survey of the affected trees/shrubs so we can quote more accurately.
  3. Once you have then spoken to our arborists, we will then arrange a time that suits you and to keep minimal disruption to your home or business. We will then turn up at the allocated time to begin work in which our arborists will explain in more detail as to what is required.
  4. We will require access to the area, we do have our own cherry pickers but we always need to be close to the job because of the size of the equipment we have.
  5. The experts will park and prepare the equipment to complete the job. One of the arborists will climb up the tree, while the other one will help him by passing on machinery and chopping the greenery. Note that there isn’t an option to send only one man, because the nature of the service doesn’t allow it.
  6. After and during the work we remove our waste, we are extremely eco-friendly and always take care in garden waste services. This is all as part of the quote you will receive.
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Reducing the overall crown of the tree whilst maintaining or creating the shape of the tree.


Removing branches within the crown without reducing the size or the shape of the tree. This method of pruning is used to increase light penetration and reduce wind resistance.


The removal of dead, diseased or weak branches. Epicormic shoots can also be removed.


Lower branches are removed to reduce hazards near walkways and roads, to prune back from buildings and to increase visibility for example pruning back from signs.

What people say


Top Quality

Brilliant, professional service by Trou and his team who were very friendly. Very happy with the job done to my trees. It was a very neat and top quality job and a very thoughtful clean up after the job was done. Very reasonable price for the job they have done. Highly recommend.

Brilliant Tree Surgeons

True and his team have done an amazing job cutting down & removing 6 large conifers in very bad weather. Left area clean & tidy. Very good price. Highly recommend Herring tree services & landscaping.

Bob On!

Definitely recommend this Company as they did an absolute fantastic job on our driveway me and my partner were so pleased with the professionalism of the Company and friendly staff all ways there to answer any questions or worries that we had it was never a problem for them.
Can’t say enough good points about these guys overall great company great staff recommended five stars company.
We have had so many good comments from our family friends and neighbours about our drive.
Thanks so much Herring’s Tree Services And Landscaping